36. A social media expert who wants Pinterest marketing hacks

Everyone's always focused on Twitter and Instagram. But what about Pinterest? πŸ“Œ In this ep, our guest is a social media strategist whose clients want to focus efforts on Pinterestβ€”and he wants his advice to mean something. We discuss all of Phil's favorite tools for rapidly growing your following on the most underrated social media channel. Expect a serious lesson in blog traffic from this ep!

Life Phase:

Guest Career:
Social Media Expert

Brand Problem:
Mastering Pinterest


Simon's current struggle (01:42)

How Lauren uses Pinterest to find solutions to problems (03:26)

Simon's Pinterest strategy as of right now (04:35)

Pinterest is bigger than you make think and people don’t market on it (05:21)

Using a private Pinterest (06:28)

Having a single successful pin, that links back to your website, can get hundreds of clicks a day for months (07:18)

Phil’s Pinterest page (08:03)

Using keywords on Pinterest so that people can find you (08:42)

Using influencer accounts as inspiration for curating your Pinterest page (09:40)

Tools to use with Pinterest (11:01)

Scheduling the pinning of pins and the advantages of using a third party tool (13:36)

A strategy to grow consistent traffic by re-pinning (16:23)

Is quantity or quality more important in re-pinning? (17:31)

Using other peoples content to build an audience (19:28)

How to drive people to your content (20:55)

What content to post on Pinterest (23:02)

Using Pinterest groups (23:27)

Spending money on ads on Pinterest? (24:02)

What Simon is going to do next (26:17)

What Phil is going to do next with his Pinterest (27:15)

Phil Pallen