Branding Leslie Brathwaite #FullSailHOF

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It’s no secret that I love my annual return to Full Sail University for Hall of Fame, which celebrated its tenth year. It’s our version of homecoming, and Full Sail certainly knows how to do it right.

In keeping with my tradition of showing you a behind-the-curtain look at my branding process, I decided to brand Hall of Fame member and Grammy award-winning mix engineer Leslie Brathwaite live on stage—beginning to end.

Part #1: Build

Attendees (in-person and online) became brand strategists themselves and participated real-time to help me position and build the brand of “our” client.

Part #2: Promote

In this session, using Leslie Brathwaite as a live example, I led a series of exercises to help inform a content strategy, write real-time content, and teach attendees how to optimise their presence on Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

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