Phil Pallen

Try keeping me in one place.

I do my best to keep this travel schedule updated so you'll know where I am throughout the year.


London, England
Dec. 27th - Feb. 8th

Marbella, Spain
Feb. 10th - Feb. 11th

London, England
Feb. 13th - Feb. 20th

Los Angeles, CA
Feb. 22nd - Feb. 27th

London, England
Mar. 1st - Mar. 28th

Agadir & Marrakech, Morocco
Mar. 30th - Apr. 6th

Medellín, Colombia
Apr. 9th - Apr. 30th

Salt Lake City, UT
May 1st - May 3rd

Los Angeles, CA
May 5th - May 6th

Gdańsk, Poland
May 8th - May 9th

London, England
May 11th - May 18th

Orlando, FL
May 19th - May 23rd

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
May 25th - May 31st

São Paulo, Brazil
Jun. 2nd - Jun. 15th

Medellín, Colombia
Jun. 17th - Jul. 31st

London, England
Aug. 1st - Aug. 31st