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I talk the talk because I walk the walk. 

My approach to personal branding is simple: I'll never recommend anything that I haven't tried out myself. In my talks, I take complicated topics (social media, design, development, branding) and break the principles down into simple systems anyone can create themselves.



Personal branding, start to finish.


No matter your career phase, I teach you what a brand is and why it's critical for your future. You'll learn how to effectively position, build, and promote your brand—even if you've never branded before. 

We'll cover my methods on articulating your positioning to set yourself apart from competitors. You'll learn the musts for developing an effective website and brand. And you'll learn how to effectively promote your brand for a better life and business.

If you're an entrepreneur looking to make it, this talk is for you. If you're a corporation wanting to inspire employees, this talk is also for you. If you don't know what the heck a brand is, this talk is most definitely for you.



Empower your staff to become experts. 


When companies think of staff members posting on their social media channels, they become fearful. What will they say?

Social media isn't something to be feared. Your employees are an asset—your company will find more success by treating them as ambassadors instead of liabilities. 

Your staff will learn to listen to their passions, position themselves (and your company) as an expert, and harness their own voice to develop meaningful relationships with future customers. 

By the end of this talk, audience members will be empowered to use their own personal brands for the betterment of the company. And they just might increase your bottom line while doing it.


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